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PostNukeRP: Inventory Update Part 1 and Server Move

Server Move:

The server has been moved from the old host (Fragnet) to our current host that runs our VPS (NFOServers). We have already moved our Build Server there and it seems to be much more stable.

New Address: postnukerp.net:27015

If any of you connected using the domain before, you it will automatically redirect you to the new server.

What Happened to the old server?

The host of our old server had a 100% data loss on the entire node and does not do proper backups. Raid is not a backup by the way.

Once this happened I tested out NFO’s GMod servers and they seem to be more powerful, and cheaper. So we moved.

What happened to the old data?

Thankfully I had a backup from May 18, so its not a total loss. I have had to go in and rework many of the config settings, so there may be some tweeking left to do. I have also created a new Workshop Collection.

Workshop Collection: PostNukeRP Server

It should have all the addons needed for the server, not counting wire (You will need to get wire). I have also added the HL2 Cars addon since we will be opening up vehicles soon. Will get more into that later.

PostNukeRP: Inventory Update Part 1

This is the first and probably the largest part to the new Persistent Item System, and I just realized the acronym as I typed this.

This means some items such as miners and power generators have a persistent state in inventory. When you pick up a damaged persistent item, it will stay damaged. Fuel in generators is not persistent as well, so you no longer have to worry about loosing fuel.

I have also included several bug fixes as well.

Report Bugs at Dev Forum or PostNukeRP Steam Group

There will be bugs, there are probably new ones with all the updates done to the code. Please report any bugs you find. At this point I don’t really care how you get the bug report to me, just need them. The PostNukeRP Steam Group is another good place to report bugs, its free to join on Steam, and there is a bug report section.

Patch Notes:
  1. New Persistent Inventory system added
  2. Fixed duplication of itembase table
  3. Moved more itembase functions to shared
  4. Fixed Community Lockers ownership issues
  5. Fixed Car weight with vendors
  6. Vehicle capacity added to item base files
  7. Vehicles now have inventory weight in containers
  8. Inventory/Shop now shows Capacity on items with a Capacity setting
  9. Added Fists as default weapons
  10. Removed Knife as default weapon
  11. Added skill Strength (Affects Melee weapons)
  12. Added Knife as craft-able from workbench
  13. Knife now affected by Strength Skill
  14. Lowered overall knife damage
  15. Merged Keys and Hands into one “weapon”
  16. Fixed display item deleting if item was not sold
  17. Changed color scheme of inventory windows
  18. Added new texture to side menu
  19. Added side menu to profile window
  20. Cleaned up commented out code
  21. Removed F2 Block from damaged items that are now persistent
  22. Both miners and all three power generators added to persistent item system
  23. Gas, nuke, and fusion power supplies now save their fuel when stored
  24. Storage locations now show the items HP and Fuel
  25. Solar Panels now affected by rad storms
  26. Fixed bug with player inventory not showing the correct max carry weight
  27. Fixed bug with shotgun reloading (Animation still buggy)
  28. Fixed Wasteland Radar
  29. Radar now has to be able to see the skybox to work
  30. Solar Panel now has to see the skybox to work

May have been a few things I have mist in the list, but thats pretty much it.

ADHD Version: Eldar Moved the server and added some inventory goodies.

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Space Engineers [1.086] – Space Race scenario, scenario editor

Another week, and a relatively small update due to KSH being busy on new netcode and planets. This week brings a few bug fixes and a new scenario editor.

Patch Notes:

– Space Race multiplayer scenario
– Scenario editor
– Option to disable Eye adaptation (graphics options)
– Option to disable spawn ships (map settings)

– fixed Space Engineers not working on primary monitor on DX11
– fixed sounds cracking
– fixed weird shadows in MSAA
– fixed helmet lights not working on MSAA
– fixed weird shadows on DX 11

Community updates
– more github community updates will be added next week

Update 01.086.010

– fixed crash when copy pasting
– fixed modded materials for voxels not rendering in DX 11
– fixed scenario publishing to workshop


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Space Engineers [1.085] – Improved Ship Navigation, Docking

Been a busy few days with the other servers going down. We are still working on bringing them back up. We are currently testing the Build server on a different host. If everything checks out the GMod servers will be hosted by the same company we run the VPS and Minecraft servers through. Will post more on this tomorrow.

As for the SE server, it has now been updated.

Patch Notes:

– improved ship navigation
– added the erasing functionality to terrain auto level voxel hand
– example workshop worlds with docking procedures:

– fixed character moves uncontrollably while in jet-pack (aka death when exiting cockpit)
– fixed autopilot overriding overridden thrusters
– fixed “No Share” prevents faction members from reading text when faction read/write enabled
– fixed beacon light visible when it should not be
– fixed asteroid invisible during pasting
– fixed character has wrong light when turning lights on helmet

Community updates (github contributions)
– added 2 decimal places to Oxygen Tank capacity (by Geneticus)
– introduced a base class for programmable block programs (by LordDevious)
– added modapi laserantenna interface (by mexmer)
– fixed check for DX11 support (by mexmer)
– fixed single and multiline textboxes (by LordDevious)
– fixed helmet toggle notifications not being overwritten (by THDigi)
– laser antenna LoS requirement is checked at all LoS checks (by Phoenix84)
– terminalproperty bool value (by mexmer)
– add projector only show can build (by yajiedesign)
– fixed memory leaks (by RossM)
Many thanks to all github contributors and modders!

Update 01.085.009

– fixed crash when ship collides with the platform
– fixed crash in GPS terminal screen
– DX11 fix (by mexmer)

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Garry’s Mod Servers Down: PostNukeRP and Build

business-cat-meme-generator-server-crash-you-ve-gotta-be-kitten-me-06517cToday both the TBU Build and PostNukeRP servers went down. After contacting Fragnet I got this response.

We are deeply sorry to inform you that during today’s server maintenance a raid array issue occurred.
This resulted in full data-loss on this node, we have actively been working on data restoration been unable to retrieve anyting from the drive so far.
Currently we are close to having the machine alongside the IPs back online, however with a fresh raid array installed.
Your service will be re-created but unfortunately be a fresh install as the local backups were lost as well.
Due to this major impact of this issue we have added 7 days of additional service time to your service.

We are sincerely sorry about this inconvenience and are trying have done our utmost to retrieve any possible fails, unfortunately to no avail.
We do hope that you haven’t lost trust in us and we will of course assist you with setting up your server where possible.

So basically all the data on both servers is gone. Several years worth of files and such. The only up side is that I do have a database backup of the PostNukeRP server from 5/18/2015 so not all the player data from it is lost.

What does this mean?

It means the servers will be down for a few days as I try and reconfigure everything. I will have to upload all the extra content back to the server, and will have to get PNRP development version to a stable state to uplaod.

The build server will probably be back up first however.

I may also look at changing hosts, I am not sure yet. It is rather disappointing that they do not have any backups of their servers.

So until further notice, both servers will be down.


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PostNukeRP Server News

Over the past few weeks I have been updating and patching PostNukeRP. For more info and patch notes you can check out the RC site, or the PNRP site.

The PNRP server is also running the latest version of wire and the Adv Pod Controller is set to use the fuel system. I have also opened up AdvDupe and AdvDupe to guest. If this is not abused it will stay set to Guest.

Space Engineers [1.08] – DX11 and Station Rotation

This week in Space Engineers we get DX11, some new models, and Station Rotation. DX11 is the first of some of the major things they have been working on for Space Engineers. The lighting still needs alot of work, and there are of course some glitches. The advantage is that you can still run DX9 if you want. The other down side to DX11 is that Workshop mods that use custom models will need to update them to work with DX11. So for now, if you are connecting to the TBU server you might want to keep using DX9. It will still work, but the custom models will look black and will still function.

The other big change is the new ability to rotate station blocks. You can now enter “Rotation” mode by pressing B. Many theorize that this is one of the first steps to allow building on planets.

Patch Notes:

– DirectX 11 renderer
– station rotation
– reworked models and textures: Beacon, Gyroscope, Warhead, Projector, Spotlight

– fixed character shaking during cluster reorder
– fixed setting ragdoll world matrix
– fixed client dying for no apparent reason

Community updates
– Added Height Offset for Suspension Wheels – THDigi
– Attach GameLogic to Blocks multiple times – Tyrsis
– Create asteroid from prefab voxel definition midspace
– Floating item quantity display update – rexxar-tc
– Fix assembler issues – RossM
– Allow modding the Laser Antenna’s line-of-sight requirements – RossM
– Shorthand numbers for ScreenDialogAmount control – UberMouse

DX11 modding guide: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=450823575
DX11 texture converter is available for modders at SpaceEngineersModSDK\Tools\Space texture converter\

EDIT 05/29/2015
Update 01.084.011
– fixed crash when turret was shooting
– fixed DS crash when trying to set world name to empty string
– fixed camera behind character’s neck in the cockpit
– fixed thumbnails
– fixed support checking
– added method for composite game logic to get specific logic component (some mods were crashing)

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