This week in Space Engineers we get DX11, some new models, and Station Rotation. DX11 is the first of some of the major things they have been working on for Space Engineers. The lighting still needs alot of work, and there are of course some glitches. The advantage is that you can still run DX9 if you want. The other down side to DX11 is that Workshop mods that use custom models will need to update them to work with DX11. So for now, if you are connecting to the TBU server you might want to keep using DX9. It will still work, but the custom models will look black and will still function.

The other big change is the new ability to rotate station blocks. You can now enter “Rotation” mode by pressing B. Many theorize that this is one of the first steps to allow building on planets.

Patch Notes:

– DirectX 11 renderer
– station rotation
– reworked models and textures: Beacon, Gyroscope, Warhead, Projector, Spotlight

– fixed character shaking during cluster reorder
– fixed setting ragdoll world matrix
– fixed client dying for no apparent reason

Community updates
– Added Height Offset for Suspension Wheels – THDigi
– Attach GameLogic to Blocks multiple times – Tyrsis
– Create asteroid from prefab voxel definition midspace
– Floating item quantity display update – rexxar-tc
– Fix assembler issues – RossM
– Allow modding the Laser Antenna’s line-of-sight requirements – RossM
– Shorthand numbers for ScreenDialogAmount control – UberMouse

DX11 modding guide:
DX11 texture converter is available for modders at SpaceEngineersModSDK\Tools\Space texture converter\

EDIT 05/29/2015
Update 01.084.011
– fixed crash when turret was shooting
– fixed DS crash when trying to set world name to empty string
– fixed camera behind character’s neck in the cockpit
– fixed thumbnails
– fixed support checking
– added method for composite game logic to get specific logic component (some mods were crashing)

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