PostNukeRP Server Rules

TBU General Server Rules Apply To All TBU Servers!

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TBU PostNukeRP Server Rules:

1.   Don’t abuse props (no prop spamming, prop pushing, prop surfing, prop blocking, prop climbing, prop killing).
2.   Don’t spawn kill.
3.   Don’t disconnect during a combat, hostage, raid, or robbery situation.
4.   Don’t abuse any bugs, exploits, or glitches. This is punishble by being banned immediately.
5.   Don’t spam at all. Includes props, items, chat, and so on.
6.   Don’t use seats to avoid death. Especially during a raid, or during a radiation storm or leak from an exploded reactor.
7.   Don’t use a floating prop / entity / etc as an umbrella during a Radiation Storm. You must find shelter or build something that fits the RP in order to be sheltered.
8.   Don’t remove owned objects via un-owned objects (right clicking with remover).
9.   Don’t change classes, or use “kill” in the developer console to avoid any sort of roleplay situation. It is considered as cheating and you can be kicked or banned for doing it.
10. Always build and keep your buildings / contraptions within the theme of the gamemode. Keep it as rustic, and as junky as possible.
11. Entrances to bases, buildings, or forts have to be accessible from inside and outside. Entrances cannot be blocked using the physgun. Example: You must have a button / keypad on both sides of your entrance.
12. You cannot use OOC chat for any RP related matters such as asking for / giving locations, advertising, or giving commands for people to carry out in the roleplay. You can be kicked on sight for misuse of OOC.
13. If two communities are at war, any raids between the two are considered to be invasions (invading rules apply).
14. You cannot use roleplay as an excuse for violating the rules.
15. Players must respect other players while NOT roleplaying.

If rules are not followed, action may be taken without warning.

PostNukeRP PVP Rules


You are allowed to perform hit contracts given by players. Your objective during a hit contract varies depending on the client’s requests. If no requests are made you are allowed to carry out the hit contract as you see fit. No fake contracts are allowed, all final hit orders must be ordered in text chat for official verification, otherwise the hits are INVALID and are counted as RDM! Hits may only be performed on a single target once per hour, even if you have another contract on them.


Community leaders have the option to take revenge on deserters of their communities. This is limited to being killed on sight for 30 minutes.


When your community goes to war with another community, your community is then allowed to invade the enemy base every 15 minutes, successfully or unsuccessfully.


Killing on sight is allowed on players who have red flags next to their names during a war, or on players who have caused actual physical harm to you or your friends. Physical harm includes, but is not limited to: Damage to property, Assault, or Damage to your person. You must remember your attackers clearly for any revenge to be valid. Do not harm other friends of your attacker if unnecessary (self defense is allowed).


Raiding is allowed. During a raid, the raiding party’s players are allowed 1 death before they are out of the raid. The owners of the base being raided can return without limits, but can still be killed if raiders are still present. If the raid is successful, the raiders must stay away for 1 hour. If the raid fails, the raiders must stay away for 15 minutes. A successful raid counts as gaining any profit. A failed raid counts as gaining nothing. In the event of a war, enemy communities can raid each other’s bases every 10 minutes (failed or successful).

Starting a Raid: 

Raid must be announced at least 5 seconds before the raid begins through OOC. (If both factions are at war, this is not needed)
Raid must start from outside the targeted structure or base, and not within view of the targeted entry point.
Raiding party does not have to start assault right away, and will have 1 hour till raid declaration expires.


If you are killed by another player for any reason, you are allowed to take revenge on them, and only them, 3 times. Do not kill any friends of your attackers unless they attack you.


Holding player(s) hostage, or waylaying them while coercing them for items or resources. This first includes a verbal warning. After the verbal warning (and 5-10 seconds response time), any provoked kills are allowed (such as the victim pulling a weapon). Pocketing weapons while being robbed is frowned upon.

Siege Equipment

As some doors cannot be blown through with shaped charges, sometimes going over the wall is required. There are very specific rules for this. The item / contraption you use must be breakable, it cannot be frozen with the physgun, and it must be able to be picked up using a gravity gun, or must be welded / connected to a car / airboat. After successfully entering and successfully winning the raid, you are allowed to build an unfrozen, breakable, grav-gunnable contraption in order to get out if you cannot use the entrance / exit, but you MUST remove / undo the contraption you used! ALL SEIGE EQUIPMENT, ASSEMBLED OR DISASSEMBLED, MUST BE HAULED FROM YOUR OWN BASE TO THE RAID TARGET.


A player must be given a warning before they can be shot for trespassing. The player must be given at least 10 sec to show that they are complying to leave. A warning shot should also be fired first before the kill shot to indicate intent. Said areas can also have signs posted to warn off other players, please be sure the restricted area is easily identified and well posted. In the event the area is posted with no trespassing signs, trespassing players can be shot on sight without further warning.

Wall Jumping

If you enter a base by jumping over a wall or by any other means than entering though the designated entrance, you can be shot on sight without warning. In this instance all trespassing warnings are not needed and the trespassing player is open to be shot on sight in the base. If the player entered though the designated entrance, please follow the above Trespassing Rules.


A war between two communities can only be started if acts of war are committed, and group leaders choose to start a war. Example: If you are in a community, raiding and killing another community’s members is counted as acts of war. Usually, “You have comitted an act of war!” is printed in chat when you commit an act of war


General Server Rules:

1.   Don’t mess with other players — no harassment or trolling.
2.   Don’t spam, ever, including with your mic, or by any other means. You will be kicked or banned.
3.   Use of cheats or exploits (using bugs to your advantage, or scripting) won’t be tolerated.
4.   Listen to all admins, period.
5.   No griefing, minging, or RDMing. Killing for a reason is allowed. Abuse of this is a ban. See RDM definition below.
6.   If you ask to be an admin you can be kicked on sight.
7.   When you ask to become a member ask once.
8.   All TBU members must follow the rules and help others when you can.
9.   Have fun and please let others have fun too.
10. Cussing is allowed, but don’t push it!
11. Any hatred of race, sex, or sexuality used openly within this community will not be tolerated.
12. For parents. This server is for adults. Anything can happen here. You’ve been warned.
13. Never impersonate an Admin, Owner, Member or Moderator. You can be banned for this.
14. Never retaliate against a server, or player. No matter what they have done.
15. No downloaded contraptions. Admin discretion on what is allowed.
16. No pornographic, nude, or offensive sprays, decals, or logos.
17. Never advertise on our servers. EVER!

Definitions & Terminology:

RDM = Random deathmatch. Killing another player without any reason or validation.

Minge = Term used in Garry’s Mod to describe players who ruin other players’ work. Equivalent to a griefer.

Griefing = Ruining other players’ work by destructive behavior or other means.

PK = Player Killer. A player who kills other players.

PVP = Player Versus Player combat, usually deadly.

PVE = Player Versus Environment, surviving what the game throws at them.

OOC = Out of character. This is a roleplay term describing someone who is talking while not roleplaying, or while not in character. Being in-character is pretending to BE your character while you are playing.


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