Been a busy few days with the other servers going down. We are still working on bringing them back up. We are currently testing the Build server on a different host. If everything checks out the GMod servers will be hosted by the same company we run the VPS and Minecraft servers through. Will post more on this tomorrow.

As for the SE server, it has now been updated.

Patch Notes:

– improved ship navigation
– added the erasing functionality to terrain auto level voxel hand
– example workshop worlds with docking procedures:

– fixed character moves uncontrollably while in jet-pack (aka death when exiting cockpit)
– fixed autopilot overriding overridden thrusters
– fixed “No Share” prevents faction members from reading text when faction read/write enabled
– fixed beacon light visible when it should not be
– fixed asteroid invisible during pasting
– fixed character has wrong light when turning lights on helmet

Community updates (github contributions)
– added 2 decimal places to Oxygen Tank capacity (by Geneticus)
– introduced a base class for programmable block programs (by LordDevious)
– added modapi laserantenna interface (by mexmer)
– fixed check for DX11 support (by mexmer)
– fixed single and multiline textboxes (by LordDevious)
– fixed helmet toggle notifications not being overwritten (by THDigi)
– laser antenna LoS requirement is checked at all LoS checks (by Phoenix84)
– terminalproperty bool value (by mexmer)
– add projector only show can build (by yajiedesign)
– fixed memory leaks (by RossM)
Many thanks to all github contributors and modders!

Update 01.085.009

– fixed crash when ship collides with the platform
– fixed crash in GPS terminal screen
– DX11 fix (by mexmer)

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