I’m making this page to give out some helpful info about our sites, And just good links we think you should know about.
By the way click the images below to go to the sites.


Radio Active Cricket

This is (well I would like to think so) A sister site. It has more info on Gmod, PNRP, And dev info on any of Eldarstorms mods, and links as well.
Go there and Check it out.


PNRP Website

This is the official website for PNRP. Go here for all you Post Nukey goodness!
Get updated on PNRP, Or Post in the PNRP forums If you have ideas, Or report bugs.


Minecraft Wiki

This is the mine craft wiki…USE IT FOR INFO!!! We are here to help when we can.
Please learn that when we have to stop, To tell you a list of things on how to make something.
We cant play the game… So please use the wiki first not us. 😛 Thanks you.

Our Steam Page

Our Steam page. Not much here, But this is where it all started. Take A look if you want.

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