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Hi my name is.. Well just call me Metroidfighter, Or Met for short.
This is The Builders Union. Or TBU.
Were a very small group at the moment, But we have the knowledge to get things done.
We have a few servers under our name. Mainly Garry’s mod servers, And a Minecraft server.
We all are just gamers. We like to set up games we love to play, And share it with our friends. TBU is a very dedicated group to its members, And none members a like.
As long as you are not a Ass! We will try to help out any way we can.
Now you might ask what is a Owner? Isn’t he just a admin like the others?
Nope these are the people who helped get tbu up, And running.
We are the ones who spent a lot of Hours, Days, And months getting this labor of love up and running.
Here we are read below to get to know us a little.

Here are the Owners of the group the founders if you will.


Very quiet guy really. Well unless you know him. XD
A Web designer by trade. He also does a little of all coding, And has a strong knowledge of hardware as well. He is the owner of the garrysmod servers.
He likes him some efficiency. 🙂 Doesn’t mean he wont have some fun. Even though most of the time you’ll see him in a Game working, Or in hammer :D. He likes to keep busy.


Very friendly to all never have seen this guy get angry with any one.
Very mellow. He’s One of the best coders out there I know. He is the lead coder for pnrp.
He loves to game, And to code… Well that’s until his girl yanks him a way from the computer. Damn women. 🙂


He is a nice guy, Can be a pain in the butt at times. Joking Dude! Really I am 😀
Still trying to get his bearings on this whole Owner thing. He was and still is a
large contributor to our group.


He is our mascot, Made by my design. You cant miss him XD.
He was drawn by our friend, “That Ru Person”. You can go see her art over at Deviant Art deviant page>Click here to see her stuff
Why a cat??? Don’t know, But I like him. Do you? To cute not to like. Meow =^.^= KITTY!

Metroidfighter – Resigned

I am the only, The one, “Metroid”. Sorry XD I’m a small time coder. I know enough to get me by. So I am a Macgyver of the internet. I do it all. But a master of none. 😀 I do a little of every thing, From data servers, home servers, Pc repair, Custom PC Builds, Very little coding, Home electric, Cars, Trucks, Boats, And the list goes on. I’m a silly guy who likes to live. That just me in a nut shell. I am the webmaster of this site, Forum “not really used”, And the owner of the minecraft server.


This is our frequently asked questions part of this website.
Come here before you ask us questions. Remember we are here to help you, But
every time you ask us a question we have to put our game on hold to answer it.
So I’m putting this here to help you, Too help me.

Q: I’ve been on your server for XXX number of days and I’m not a member! Why? Do you hate me?
A: No. If we did you would have been banned long ago. We need to know that your not a royal pain in the rump.
If we don’t know you, Then we cant give you member, And that’s all there is to it. It’s a trust thing.
Give it some time.

Q: I want to be admin. I’m a admin on my friends server. I could be a good admin.
A: LOL… NO! Sorry if your not a member, OR a good friend with a admin/owner this will never happen.
On top of that we need to train you in the commands, and etiquette of our server. We don’t want some
ass hat as our admin. Not saying you are one, but if you think we’re picky on our member selection. XD

A: Ok? Um?? 1. Did you lose it cause you died in game. That’s a NO! Did you get robbed? Is it because you had a area unprotected? Then NO!
If its a wild Griefer/Bug/Corruption we may give some of your things back to you. Just don’t go over board with the requests.

Q: Can we have access to the Dev server?
A: No, it’s only for testing and not for public use. If you’re not a admin/owner, you don’t belong there. STAY OUT! You have no business there.

Q: OMFG! You need this plugin, Or Need to update this, Or this plugin is Better! DO IT NOW!!!!
A: Our answer is No! Our server is mainly survival. We don’t want, or need, a bunch of junk mods flooding the system!
What we have is for administrating the server, And keeping other players from hurting/stealing/griefing others. All of our plugins are tested to see if they are stable enough to even run, and to make sure there are no conflicts with other plugins.

Q: WTF! A Owner/Admin is flying or doing some weird things YOU ARE CHEATING WTH! Not fair! YOU HACK!
A: LOL. When we play, we don’t use any commands, but if your needing assistance we use gamemode 1, so we can help you with out
A: Dieing B: losing our crap C: Getting it done faster. So on, And so on. We don’t use this mode, Unless helping you or, Using it for public works.

Q: Protected Land: How much can I have Protected? Where can I build at? What’s too close?
A: Our Server uses Towny for it’s protection. If you need to keep your place protected, you’ll have to start a town or join an existing one. Every player can get get up to 8 chunks max protection alone, but a town get’s 8 chunks per player in that town. Too close would be if you’re building somewhere extremely close to another player’s town, or the spawn.

Q: Members? Whats so good about that? Why would I want to become a member? Why are some players saying don’t ask?
A: Well, we ask not to ask because so many bug the living crud out of us about it. This means more than likely you will never get it. Why? Because you didn’t take the time to come here first.
First for starters. Means you didn’t even take the time to read the signs, Or the motd that stats the info on this server, And Website.
So why be a member? We give you more commands more land and more access to every thing on our systems. We trust you if your a member. Break our trust you are gone for good.

That’s it for now. I’ll add more later, When I have more time. Or if I get new questions.

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