Servers that we host to the public.

MumbleTBU Mumble voice server

Port: 7090
player: 20
This is open to public. Anyone who visits can use it.
Do not spam or break any of the rules. We will leave it open for the public,
As long as you don’t abuse it. And for spam there is a channel for just that.

PNRP IconPostNukeRP [PNRP] Gmod server

This is a game mode developed By Eldarstrom & LostinTheWired.
It’s about surviving a Post nuclear war. How will you survive.
It is not being made by TBU, but we are hosting the Official PNRP Server.
PNRP is also released to the public as well. GitHub

PNRP Workshop Collection

For more info visit Come try PostNukeRP today.

GMod IconBuild Gmod server

IP: or
Standard affair Garry’s Mod server. We got the mods you need. And a no
Bullshit attitude when it comes to minges. Mods are Wiremod, PHX, etc….

TBU Workshop Collection

*Gametracker may not be accurate*

MinecraftTBU Minecraft Server [Vanilla]


Running Current version of Vanilla Minecraft

Visit the forums to apply for the whitelist



7DTD IconTBU 7 Days to Die

PvE 7 Days to Die server with light RP.

No “Bambi Killing” (Don’t kill noobs)

IP: N/A [Currently Offline] Port: 26900


TBU Ark Server

PvE Ark Server.

No Raiding, invite only.

IP: N/A [Currently Offline] Port: 7777

TBU Ark Server Collection

XP: 2x, Harvest: 1.5x, Egg Hatch: 5x, Mature Speed: 5x, Taming Speed: 6x, Night Speed: 1.5x, Spoil Time: 16x, Corpse Decomp: 2x, Crop Sped: 1.5x


Space EngineersTBU Space Engineers Server

TBU Space Engineers Dedicated Server. Group Member Access Only

IP: N/A [Currently Offline]




exileTBU ARMA3 EXILE Server

PVE Arma3 Exile server. DayZ server rules apply. Currently password protected till further notice (should eventually be open). Contact a admin/mod or post on forums for invite.

IP: N/A [Currently Offline] Port: 2302

TBU EXILE Mod Collection

EXILE Mod can be downloaded from


 DayZ IconTBU DayZ Epoch Private Hive

PvE Epoch private hive for TBU Members. This server is password protected and is invite only. All members are automatically invited and can get the password from a admin.

IP: N/A Port: N/A [Currently Offline] Epoch for Arma2 no longer updated



StarBoundTBU Starbound Server

Standard Starbound Server, open to the public. General TBU Server rules apply.

Currently Unavailable.

IP: N/A [Currently Offline]


StarMadeTBU Starmade Server

This spot on the page is reserved for our Starmade server.

We will re-add the server when a more stable release of the Game is done

IP: N/A [Currently Offline]


CPRPDev server

This is the development server used to develop PNRP & CPRP.
This server is not open to the public and may not always be up.
Invite only. Password protected. Only up here for reference.



If you need support, please post on the forums:

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