DayZ Epoch Rules


TBU General Server Rules Apply To All TBU Servers!

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TBU DayZ Epoch Server Rules:

1. No raiding.
2. No KOS.
3. No stealing.
4. No cheating or hacks.
5. Don’t hoard randomly spawned (unowned vehicles) or bought vehicles (vehicles that have keys). Max limit of 3 random vehicles per camp. Max limit of 5 bought vehicles per camp.

This is a PVE (player versus environment) server. There is no PVP (player versus player) allowed. Period.

If rules are not followed, action may be taken without warning.

General Server Rules:

1.   Don’t mess with other players — no harassment or trolling.
2.   Don’t spam, ever, including with your mic, or by any other means. You will be kicked or banned.
3.   Use of cheats or exploits (using bugs to your advantage, or scripting) won’t be tolerated.
4.   Listen to all admins, period.
5.   No griefing, minging, or RDMing. Killing for a reason is allowed. Abuse of this is a ban. See RDM definition below.
6.   If you ask to be an admin you can be kicked on sight.
7.   When you ask to become a member ask once.
8.   All TBU members must follow the rules and help others when you can.
9.   Have fun and please let others have fun too.
10. Cussing is allowed, but don’t push it!
11. Any hatred of race, sex, or sexuality used openly within this community will not be tolerated.
12. For parents. This server is for adults. Anything can happen here. You’ve been warned.
13. Never impersonate an Admin, Owner, Member or Moderator. You can be banned for this.
14. Never retaliate against a server, or player. No matter what they have done.
15. No downloaded contraptions. Admin discretion on what is allowed.
16. No pornographic, nude, or offensive sprays, decals, or logos.
17. Never advertise on our servers. EVER!

Definitions & Terminology:

RDM = Random deathmatch. Killing another player without any reason or validation.

Minge = Term used in Garry’s Mod to describe players who ruin other players’ work. Equivalent to a griefer.

Griefing = Ruining other players’ work by destructive behavior or other means.

PK = Player Killer. A player who kills other players.

PVP = Player Versus Player combat, usually deadly.

PVE = Player Versus Environment, surviving what the game throws at them.

OOC = Out of character. This is a roleplay term describing someone who is talking while not roleplaying, or while not in character. Being in-character is pretending to BE your character while you are playing.

TBU DayZ Epoch Access:

TBU Members will have access by default. The members must be registered in the Official TBU Steam Group.

Any other players must request TBU membership to gain access to this server.

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