Bit late on updating the server. I know activity has been down since a lot of people are waiting till Planets release. Should be soon, could be this week actually.

This week is another small update, some scenario stuff, and a few fixes on Friday. When planets release we will be starting a new map.

Patch Notes:

– deathmatch scenario support
– new scenario condition: setting the amount of lives in a scenario
– new scenario condition: all others lost
– block settings: medical room ownership for the first player spawned in a scenario
– block settings: set a projector to instant building in scenario
– possibility to make a selected grid indestructible in scenario

Update 01.087.007

– fixed projection welding in survival
– fixed crash in building when user tries to copy-paste a clipboard with nonexistent block
– re-enabled gridding in worlds with destructible blocks set to false

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