Another week another update. This one we get a feature that will be needed for Planets, rotating sun. Well, its more of the whole skybox rotating. They had to go this rout due to it not being feasible to rotate the actual planets. Another feature in prep for planets is Voxel Support for Grid. We currently have both of these turned off on the server at the moment.

We also got a much sought out feature, UI Transparency. Should come in pretty handy, and we have a community update to thank for it.

Hopefully this Thursday we will see planets, if so we will be starting a new map and doing a cleanup on the existing ones that are cluttering up the server.

Patch Notes:

– UI transparency (community feature by mexmer)
– world option: sun rotation
– world option: voxel support for grid
– world option: disable jetpack
– world option: spawning without tools
– projected blueprint can now inherit ownership from projector

– fixed issue with invite via Steam
– fixed welders causing lags (still WIP) (community fix: yajiedesign)
– fixed crash in Havok
– fixed crash when changing hostility settings
– fixed welder model
– fixed issue with projector turning welded blocks off
– fixed issues with multiple mods upgrading the same value
– fixed oxygen generator auto-refill synchronization (community fix: mexmer)
– fixed welder help others synchronization (community fix: mexmer)
– fixed warhead projection explosion

Update 01.088.012
– fixed with sensor switching on/off
– fixed solar panels and oxygen farm working in dark environment
– fixed HUD not showing properly
– fixed turrets not targeting enemy blocks
– fixed loading of some worlds

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