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Merry Christmas!


Kerbal Space Program Update 0.22 is now LIVE!

Update 0.22 is now LIVE and ready to be played. Download it now at kerbalspaceprogram.com, or on Steam


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Kerbal Space Program Update 0.21

KSP has finally updated to 0.21

Gone is the infamous “End Flight” button that has accidentally done away with many of our stations and ships.


A bunch of stuff has been changed, added and fixed.

Few highlights include:

  • Revised Flight-End scene flow.
  • New Space Center Scene.
  • The Astronaut Complex Facility.
  • Crew Management
  • New VAB and SPH Interiors.
  • PSystem.
  • Overhauled SAS Flight Control Sytem.
  • Much Improved terrain on Kerbin, the Mun, and other places.
  • And of course bug fixes

For detailed info on the new changes: here

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Kerbal Space Program 0.20.1 Update

Seems there is already a new update to fix some issues. Should help with some of those pesky explosions.

Bug Fixes and Tweaks:
•Tweaked the logic for part-to-part collisions. Things should be much less likely to explode on contact.
•Reverted the Mun’s height values, so landmarks and bases shouldn’t spawn below ground anymore (mind 20.0 saves though).
•Tweaked part components on EVA so they start up with the right values.
•Tweaked the suspension on the new Medium Rover Wheels, to fix jittering.
•Fixed the too-low resolution on planetary diffuse and normal maps.
•Fixed the screen resolution not being properly applied on game start.
•Fixed some situations where the ‘Control From Here’ selection would be lost on resuming a game save.
•Fixed a serious issue with the Cupola Pod that could cause spontaneous unplanned vessel disassembly.
•Fixed an issue that caused internal spaces to spawn in duplicate sometimes. It was harmless but wasted resources.
•Fixed the scale of Gilly in the Tracking Station scene.
•Fixed a few issues with flags behaving weirdly after they were toppled down.
•Fixed the camera jitter when walking around on EVA.

Also, there seems to be a issue with Linux installed. Possible Unity Engine issue and they are contacting Unity support about it.

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Kerbal Space Program 0.20 Update

I know a lot of people in TBU play KSP.

KSP updated to 0.20 May 22 What does this mean? 30% less memory usage, and your Kerbal can drive around in a buggy. There are also flags now as well.


    7 new Parts and 2 IVA Spaces

  • Cupola with IVA
  • Small Lander with IVA
  • 2 new Probe cores
  • New large docking clamp
  • New Medium wheel
  • Attachable command seats for kerbals

Customizable Flags for your space program

  • Kerbals on Eva can plant flags with editable plaques
  • 23 Stock flags to choose from.
  • Flags are Moddable, Make your own flag!

Editor Improvements

  • Added Flag interface to editor
  • The Editor no longer requires you to start with a command pod when building a ship.
  • The Editor now allows deleting or replacing the first part of your ship.

Optimizations and New Features

  • Vessel Filtering for the tracking station
  • Added Kerbal Knowledge base for vessel and planetary information
  • Upgraded scene loader and refresh logic
  • Added Game Database and repogrammed part loaders.
  • Mods and stock parts can now have their own folders for organization
  • New Loading Screens
  • Optimization of Memory Usage (Approximately 30% average reduction in usage)
  • Upgraded debug menu allows parts and cfg files to be reloaded while the game
  • Bug Fixes!

Minecraft: 800 Days of Minecraft Dev

Something interesting I thought I would post here.

This is a visual of 800+ days of Minecraft Development.

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