A bit behind on posts with the holidays and having to work through them.

The server has been kept up to date with some down time due to some issues with infinite worlds. The server is not current and is set to Survival.

Keep in mind that Space Engineers is in early stages of infinite worlds, so there are bound to be bugs and issues. That was lat update, this update adds programming to the game, see here for a guide: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=360966557

Patch Notes:
– programmable block
– workshop support for programmable block (sharing scripts)
– added little more deposits to generated asteroids
– fixed spawning in distant locations
– fixed rendering issues with asteroids in distance (no more shrinking)
– fixed terracing artifacts (stairs) on torus asteroids

EDIT 01/02/2015:
Update 01.063.007
– fixed crash in asteroid field generator (duplicate entity ID)
– fixed issues with in-game scripting

EDIT 01/03/2015:
Update 01.063.008

– CTRL+Z and CTRL+Y in code editor works when keys are pressed for longer time
– fixed crash to desktop in programmable block
– fixed crash when executing script
– added display to components for programmable block, changed critical component
– script is not executed when programmable block is incomplete/turned off