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Space Engineers [1.083] – Ship waypoints, GPS sorting

This week we get Autopilot and a group of bug fixes. This is the first week that we receive community patches. This should help boost the bug fixing within the game.

We also have a neat system, Autopilots. Pretty fun so far.

Patch Notes:

– Ship waypoints (auto-pilot)
– GPS sorting by name

– fixed memory leak while mining
– fixed assembler not disassembling full oxygen bottles (community fix: Vxsote)
– fixed projector duplicating items (community fix: Vxsote)
– fixed airtight hangar door looping sound (community fix: Eikester)
– fixed sensor max range missing (community fix: KionX)
– fixed projector state incorrectly shown in terminal (community fix: MMaster)
– fixed button markers not hiding when the character looks away from the button
– fixed missing bullet impacts on metal
– fixed rifle not returning Weapon in IMyGunBaseUser
– fixed issue with pasting by using just CTRL
– fixed sorter blocks filters scrap metal as ingots and ore
– fixed camera issue inside character’s body in tight places
– fixed infinite limbs on character model
– fixed issue with blueprints not showing on the screen when script was used
– fixed issue with clearing the control panel search
– fixed mount points on sound block
Special thanks to all github contributors!

Update 01.83.009 :
– fixed crash in MyGridGyroSystem GetAngularVelocity
– fixed autopilot is not turned off when deleting remote control
– fixed crash on connecting to the server with disabled spectator
– fixed crash in lobby chat update

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Space Engineers [1.082] – XBox Controller, Source Opened, and some ETAs

All in all another small update as far as new features are concerned, but not a small week for news updates. This week gives us XBox controller support, only one default layout, but its a start. They have also added mod support for the new upgrade modules and added a new mission.

As far as news, this has been a active week. Yesterday Keen hosted a IAmA on Reddit to answer some questions. In these we were able to get some more info and some ETAs.

So far some notable bits are.

  • Structural Integrity will be coming to SE, sometime after planets. Possible reentry dynamics as well.
  • DX11 should be within the next couple of weeks.
  • Planets will be a few weeks to a couple of months.
  • New Multiplayer code will be in a few months.
  • Medieval Engineers Devs will be focusing on survival aspects that will make it into SE.
  • More survival elements after current large projects are done.
  • Possibility of food or something. They said they were going to work more on body related stuff after planets and MP.

Needless to say these ETAs are subject to change, but some good info all around.

The other big news is that Keen has opened the source for SE. They have not made it Open Source, they have just made the source available. This is a experiment that they are trying to help boost the modding community. Will be interesting to see how this pans out.

Patch Notes (Full List here)

– Xbox controller support
– new mission added
– modding support for upgrade modules: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=442506350
– example mods:
Thruster power upgrade for small ships: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=442436541
Gyroscope power upgrade for small ships: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=442436465
Drill effectivity upgrade for large ships: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=442436391

– fixed rig skin
– fixed cannot move in the world
– fixed efficiency modules too much effective
– fixed animations when holding tool
– fixed meteor shower audio loop is played many times over itself
– fixed corrupted worlds
– fixed Windows XP support

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Space Engineers [1.081] – Upgrade Modules and Antenna Visibility

This week brings a much needed feature to allow players to change the visibility ranges of Antennas. In this update we also get upgrade modules to affect refineries and such.

I have changed the speed settings on the server down to 1x (from 3x) but they may get bumped up some again depending on how feel about the modules.

This week we are still seeing funny animation bugs with the new models. Tool usage seems to be better, but movement still looks funny.

Patch Notes:

– Upgrade modules for refinery and assembler (productivity, effectiveness and power efficiency)
– Antenna visibility adjustment on HUD

– fixed character camera placed into spectator when reconnecting to cryo chamber
– fixed issue when the player cannot build from 3rd person view
– fixed MwmBuilder – ‘illegal use’ when running the tool without any parameter
– fixed issue with pushing massive ships without effort (aka “Superman Bug”)
– fixed O2 drops when you sit in cockpit or in cryo chamber without helmet
– fixed crash after bumping into asteroid
– improved animation while strafing

Update 01.080.011

– fixed productivity module sets productivity to -100%
– added additional checks to upgrade modules for invalid values
– fixed ragdoll crash when enabled jetpack with custom character

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Space Engineers [1.079][1.080] – Two in one

This week we have two updates in one. Unfortunately I was rather busy last week and did not get around to posting the update to the server.

The two major aspects of these updates are a Cryo chamber that lets you save your inventory and tool bar, and a Oxygen farm that can produce a limited amount of oxygen using sunlight and power. The farm is only able to make enough oxygen for one player and is unable to pressurize a room.

With these smaller updates its obvious a large one in on the horizon. There is much speculation that it could be one of the three big ones, planets, multiplayer, or AI.

Patch Notes:
Update 01.079 – Oxygen Farm, Disabling encounters option

– Oxygen Farm block
– Option to disable encounters
– Save As option on the Main Menu
– Decreased the oxygen capacity of cockpit

– fixed player not respawning when dead in turret control
– fixed oxygen bottle percentage not updating
– fixed crash in script on DS
– fixed merge block being targeted by own weapons
– fixed small advanced rotor part model
– fixed rotor part icon only on large block
– improved lag on large mining ships (still work-in-progress)
– fixed lost ownership of platform after reload (scenario)
– fixed character receiving damage when sitting in the cockpit without helmet
– fixed oxygen tank not updating oxygen amount for client
– fixed emissivity of oxygen tank not updating for client

Update 01.079.008

– fixed crash when equipping tool with custom character
– added interface for oxygen farm

Update 01.080 – Cryo chamber, New character model and animations

– Cryo chamber
– New character animations
– New character model with rag-doll

– fixed oxygen farm not working in survival
– fixed construction model of oxygen farm

Update 01.080.012

– fixed crash when character dies during turret fire

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Space Engineers [1.078] – Main Cockpit, Button Panel hints

Just a few small things for this update. This seems to point to a large update in the near future.

Patch Notes:

– Main Cockpit option
– Button Panel hints
– “Report a Bug” button on Main Menu
– Checkbox for disabling 3rd person camera in the world

– fixed exploding thrusters on small ships
– fixed blueprints set to incorrect ownership
– fixed crash in Havok step Delta time
– fixed issues with button panels not being able to be connected to the side
– fixed mwm builder crash when source-path does not contain a directory ‘Content’
– fixed bones messed up when changing suits in medical room
– fixed issue with player not being to interact with inventory
– fixed camera cannot be placed on light armor slope 2x1x1 base
– fixed oxygen gain when using two air vents

Update 01.078.009

– fixed red lines after load in Mission01
– fixed components do not disappearing from inventory when welding new block
– fixed button panel info not moving
– fixed button panel not showing buttons in survival
– fixed ALT in cockpit + load of world in 3rd person
– fixed sound crash with medical room

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Grand Theft Auto Online – Umbrella Bureau

Umbrella BureauUmbrella Bureau, the official TBU GTAO Crew.

The crew is set to invite only, and everyone in TBU will get a automatic pass into the crew. Once in I will promote you to the rank to allow recruiting. This basically means that anyone in TBU will be able to invite others into the Umbrella Bureau.

In case its needed, I have already created a forum section for GTAO and the Umbrella Bureau.

Anyone can request a invite from the site or from in game.


See you in game.

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