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Team Fortress 2 server is online.

It’s open. So you can go play on it here at >
Have fun.

I’m not sure how long I’ll leave it up for. If it get’s any traffic, then it may stay.
Also if you have any trouble connecting the ip is >

If it get’s some traffic on it I’ll be setting up some admins, as well.

If you gave any ideas on mods, maps, gamemodes, Or settings the server should have let me know.
Please post them On the forums. There is already a topic open in the updates, under general.

Ok mumble will be back up shortly

Yeah sorry. It seems our host just isn’t there when you need them. Well the host for the mumble server anyways.
Then I thought why the hell should I bother with them, when I have a free server already.

So I’m setting up the free one for now. The address is the same, just use the new port 7090.
That’s it. It’s only 15, but if I need to I’ll bump it up.

Mumble is down?

Yeah mumble is down, but good news. I have a back up. Here is the address> port is 7090

PNRP is back up!

Eldar was fat. No big surprise.
But she worky now!

Oh Shizzle the PNRP server is….? Deactivated?????

Er not sure whats going on here but yes in the account the server is being displayed as disabled.
Eldar is not responding as of recent, But he is the only one who can open a ticket with that server provider.
So yeah it will be down until Eldar gets his fanny back on, or the host starts it back up. Sorry

Server Down!

The message from our hoster.

The machine hosting your game server crashed at approximately 5:45pm CDT this evening, as a result of the bug in the SSD firmware that we were planning to fix tonight (the bug caused a crash after a certain number of hours of SSD usage, and our estimate was that it would happen very soon, but we were hoping not today).

We have updated the SSD firmware now, and that maintenance event has been called off. We are also updating the OS and libraries. After this is complete, we will reboot the machine and restore all Minecraft servers to their 3pm PDT / 5pm CDT snapshots, to ensure an uncorrupted copy of the server is used.

Please accept our apologies for this crash and the loss of some changes to the server. We were really hoping to avoid it!

Well then…. Server is down XD. I was able to back up the maps though before the crash. So let’s hope I don’t need to use it.

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