Yep there be a new Tomb Raider game coming out. This one kinda slipped under my radar… Kinda. XD
Still caught it though. The thing is it seams to be ripped out of Eidos’s hands. Which is a good thing.
Have you seen any off the later Tomb Raider games? Bleh Ugh! They were crap titles. So who did they give it to??
LOL Square Enix?? You might not know this, But Eidos was liquidated into Square. Same with crystal dynamics. Good riddance
to a crap company. OK they did make a few good games. But most were crap. Then they bled poor Lara dry. With crappy games.
Did you ever play “Angel of Darkness” hm? Well I did. šŸ™ Not sure if Square is the best choice for this I said.
Ask Eldar the last big Square Enix game he played. XD Till I saw the trailer…… This was my First thought.
What Yeah yeah Big whoop Enix has
always over hyped there Promos to hell and……??? WTH is this? Skip ahead to 0:50 to see footage.

Huh?! Um k? Didn’t see that one coming Does my eyes play tricks or is this looking….. Dare I say good? Wow. Ok Enix you
have my interest. Yes yes you do. So what is it about well if you cant gather from the video this is when she was young.
Why see has a Ipod, Is uh? One thing. WTF Enix! 5 points deducted there. Even ways yep she is young again, And on a forgotten island.
Seems pretty good I’ll have to keep my ear out there. Tell me what you think on the image boards.