Bugfix week # 5, plus a new thing it seems. This weeks update adds the Projector Block. This should make for some interesting shipyards. Added with the fact you can now access blueprints from Survival, it allows you to make a “projection” of the saved ship that can then be welded. This works with adding onto ship and repairing them as well. Watch the video above for more info, and the patch notes on the Official Forums for a walk-through: here

The TBU Space Engineers server is still on Survival, and has been updated.

Patch Notes:
– projector block
– option to use blueprints menu (F10) and save blueprint (Ctrl+B) in survival mode
– possibility to display pivot point of the grid (Terminal -> Info -> Show grid pivot)
– turrets are not shooting armor on friendly ships; this applies to other blocks with no ownership as well
– fixed MWM builder resetting pivot rotation and position of models
– fixed custom gatling gun shooting itself
– fixed game crash when changing ownership as block is destroyed
– fixed thruster damage not working on cargo container
– fixed wrong collision model of antenna
– fixed crash when placing sniper turret (mod)

EDIT 11/28/2014:
Update 01.058.015
– fixed projected blueprints with merge block don’t stay connected when being projected
– fixed door model bug when finished from projection
– fixed projected blueprints don’t persist when disconnected from grid
– fixed projection doesn’t persist when merging/unmerging from another ship/station
– fixed crash in toolbar and other minor crash