The End? Well maybe.

It seems that EvilSeph has left Bukkit and had intended to shut down the project. Mojang owns bukkit, they had purchased it 2 years ago when jeb and Dinnerbone joined Mojang.

Both Jeb and Dinnerbone have tweeted that they will not let the project die.

Much of this drama seems to have started around update 1.7.10 when Mojang started enforcing parts of their EULA, and according to EvilSeph they eventually for a DMCA takdown notice.

More detailed info on a post from Mojang and their stance can be found here:

A timeline thats a bit easier to understand can be found here:

The Future?

Will this be the end for Bukkit? Could be. The MC community could see a 1.8 update for it since Jeb and Dinnerbone have spoken up about seeing the community continue on, but I do not see the future of bukkit being the same. With Microsoft’s purchase of Mojang/Minecraft it is hard to tell what the future of the game in general will be.

As a side note Microsoft has stated that they will not stop YouTuber’s from monitising minecraft as long as they follow the rules set down by YouTube.

What about our server?

All this does not affect our Tekkit server. We moved away from Bukkit about a year or so ago. Having to vet all the plugins, the worry that some of the plugins that were core to our server dieing, and that people got impatient for updates to the newest MC version were why we left Bukkit.


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