Kerbal Space Program .25 Economic Boom has finally come.

This update brings several new things to the game from Spaceplane+ to the new Administration Facility.

There are really too many additions to this update to list them all here, your best bet would be to check out their FAQ page here or this thread here.

A Few of the highlights for this update are:

Spaceplane+: More spaceplane parts, plus more parts for rockets as well. And best of all, cargo bays.

Administration Building: Players will be able to select and activate Strategies. This is a new player mechanic will affect aspects of the game for Carrier Mode.

In Depth Difficulty System: Players will be able to better customize how hard core they want their game to be.

Upgraded FX on Explosions: Kind of self explanitory here.

Destructible Building: Watch those falling parts, a damaged part of the KSP facility can be rather costly to fix/replace.

64Bit Issues

There is a issue with the 64Bit build, they are working on it, but it can be a bit unstable.

Have fun

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